Donate foods to local people

 5 May 2020

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There is another group of people affected by the Covid19 virus is a poor old man.  Normally, they will get supporting from their children who work in the city such as Chiang Mai, etc. When those people are unemployed, it's also affected to the people who live in the village. They don't have money to transfer to their parents and the elderly. Moreover, for the elderly without children still have to struggle to support themselves. Some employed as much as the body would be able to provide in order to earn some money to live in every day Life. During this time, all of previous work has stopped. Many families are starving. The Mekong Buddhism Foundation has brought rice, vegetable oil, chicken eggs, lactose milk, offered by donors to give to the affected people at Wiang Haeng District . May we thank to all the donors. The monks and pupils participating in the merit journey  and the abbot of Muang Pok temple who gather information for those who have difficulty for the Foundation to help.