2 Day Meditation 23 Jan 2024

Meditation Rules

Monk Chat and Meditation Retreat

“Monk Chat”

Monday-Friday From 05.00 p.m. – 07.00 p.m.

“Meditation Retreat”

• Meditation Evening

• Half day retreat (weekly on Monday)

• One day retreat on Friday. (weekly)

• Two day retreat from Tuesday To Wednesday. (overnight retreat)

The Uniforgettable Experience

Travelling in the north of Thailand is not only an opportunity to absorb the richness and rewards of its natural beauty but also to experience its lush cultural heritage and spiritual progression within the Thai Buddhist framework.

MCU. Buddhist University, Chiang Mai Campus, welcomes all to visit the warm program “MONK CHAT” informally talk with the monk. You would get to know about monk’s life, Thai culture and Tradition, Buddhism, etc. Besides, we provide you with the MEDITATION RETREAT WORKSHOP (Concentration Meditation and Vipassana Meditation) which is the way to make the mind peaceful, and to develop transcendent insight which penetrates into the truth of life.

The Purpose Of Vipassana Meditation

Healing, both emotionally and physically, is the purpose of vipassana. The causes of suffering that come from within must be removed for healing to happen. The mind becomes purified with acceptance of what is.

There are no judgments or opinions as focus is placed on the present moment. Happiness and contentment are achieved as moods and external experiences have no effect. This is the essence of vipassana.

Preparation and requirement for 2-Day meditation retreat


• a photocopy of Passport

Personal belongings for overnight stay:

• Loose, modest, non-transparent white clothes.

• Towel, toilet paper, etc.


1,000 Baht (2 day course)

300 Baht for a set of new white clothes

• Donation is kindly accepted

Making a reservation:

• Walk in, telephone, E-mail (A reservation must be made in advance).

2 Day course (Tuesday to Wednesday)

Day 1: Tuesday

01.00 pm Meet at Monk Chat Office, Wat Suan Dok

01.30 pm. Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation

03.00 pm. Departure for the Meditation training center

04.40 pm. Meditation practice

06.00 pm. Dinner

06.45 pm. Evening chanting and meditation practice

09.30 pm. Bedtime

Day 2: Wednesday

05.00 am. Morning gong

05.30 am. Morning chanting, exercise and meditation practice

07.00 am. Alms offering and breakfast

08.30 am Discussion

09.30 am. Meditation practice

11.30 am. Lunch

01.00 pm. Meditation practice

02.30 pm. Group Photo

04.00pm. Arrive to Wat Suan dok.