#SharingProject #HouseBurntDown

 25 Feb 2020

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The pictures you have seen is a big loss of people who suffer an accidental fire, a tribe living in the countryside of Shan State, Burma."Aen" is a Buddhist tribe that has a distinctive identity and a unique way of life. They are very little left in Shan State, Burma. They really love black, so they dress in black clothes even the teeth are blackened. With the influence of Buddhism, they have a peaceful life living as well as they love to live in groups in the valley using natural materials, so their houses were built by bamboo and wood. They live very simply.

Today, all houses were burnt down through the courtyard. Their houses are all gone. At this moment, they are all in very difficulties.On behalf of International Meditation Center, we have already collected some foods, clothes and others necessary things to support them.We are all welcome supporters to help them and we do thank you for your sharing.Contact:FB ตามรอย พระโพธิสัตว์